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Electrical Projects Australia Pty Limited

Established more than 36 years ago, our group has cultivated extensive expertise in Electrical Engineering across a diverse range of sectors, solidifying our prominent industry position. Our team, led by seasoned engineers, consistently drives projects towards successful completion. We aspire to set the gold standard in customer service within our industry, persistently aiming to provide timely responses, superior quality, and cost-effective service offerings.
Some of our valued clients
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The six elements of our method of success.

Project Quality Plan.

EPA projects are set up with a Project Quality Plan. The PQP is developed to ensure quality objectives are met in accordance with our client’s requirements. The PQP is regularly reviewed and updated throughout the project to ensure appropriate quality over the duration of the project.


Our group was established in 1986 and have been operating as Electrical Projects Australia since 1991. During this time we have built design procedures, software packages, and methods which enable us to stand out in our industry. We are led by highly experienced engineers who guide our projects to successful outcomes.

Customer Service.

EPA strives to achieve our industry's best customer service, we continually aim to provide great response time and a quality and value for money service offering. EPA is well resourced and more than capable of meeting your next project's deadline. We keep an open-line to our clients to make sure their concept is realised.

Safety in Design.

We know there are unintended dangers that can be created from bad design, to avoid this we carry out a Safety In Design report for all our designs.

STEM Skill Set.

We value a broad STEM skill set in our employees and continual academic growth, this translates into innovative and cutting-edge designs.


Sustainable design is in our DNA and we are always looking for new, efficient technologies, renewable generation, and energy storage options for our designs.


“Our engineering design team is well resourced and more than capable to meet your next project’s deadline. We keep an open-line to you to make sure your concept is realised.”

- Paul Malanchuk
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Our design studio’s electricity mix.

See where our design studio is getting electricity from right now, shown in kilowatts. Electrical Charts Powered by: EPA's ei™platform

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