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Introducing the Energy Intelligence Platform™

Developed in conjunction with the University of Newcastle, our ei™platform offers a cutting-edge ei™device and personalised support from an experienced Electrical Engineer. Benefit from a comprehensive analysis of your energy consumption, aimed at reducing your bills, assessing and managing your facilities adoption of EV Charging and your contribution to Australia's coal and natural gas pollution.

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Energy Conscious Consumer

Are your a energy conscious consumer seeking advice on reducing energy costs and implementing energy-saving technologies?

The ei™platform

A platform designed for electrical professionals to maintain seamless communication with their customers

The Energy Intelligence Platform
The Electrical Engineer

Personal assistance from a dedicated Electrical Engineer based in NSW, and a comprehensive analysis of your energy consumption.

The Electrical Engineer

Key benefits

Our ei™platform is uniquely equipped with AI reinforcement learning capabilities. This innovative technology harnesses feedback to accurately predict your future power demands. Once these projections are in place, we find the cheapest electricity retailer based on your needs, and site specific management of your EV charger rollout.

But our support doesn't stop there. We accompany you on your energy journey, providing customised energy conservation advice, from a qualified Electrical Engineer, educating you on the potential benefits of integrating solar energy and battery storage systems into your setup. Our experts keep a close eye on the ever-evolving energy landscape, so you'll always be informed about the upcoming tariff changes set to take effect from 2024 through 2029. This includes the introduction of penalty tariffs, allowing you to make the most informed decisions for your energy future.


“Join our exclusive group of electrical engineers and contractors on our Energy Intelligence Platform. Stay connected with clients, evaluate past projects for current electrical loads, and utilise engagement tools. Apply now to see if your company qualifies in our affiliate program!”

- Jonathan Carroll

NSW's Early Adopters Program

All businesses and households in New South Wales: prepare for a projected rise in electricity costs of 20-30% commencing on July 1, 2023. Fortunately, we present an exclusive opportunity to become early members of our innovative energy intelligence platform and avail substantial benefits. By partnering with us, you will gain access to a state-of-the-art ei™device, personal assistance from a dedicated Electrical Engineer based in Newcastle, and a comprehensive analysis of your energy consumption geared towards minimising your bills. Our unyielding pledge to you is the maximisation of your energy savings.



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