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Rachel Thomson - Senior Lighting Designer

"A lighting designer is an artist, with light being the fluid medium as if it were the artist’s paint. Being able to mould light into any colour, any contrast and any visual outcome, the possibilities and opportunities of light is infinite.

Except unlike the artist’s paint, the light a designer creates benefits human health and well-being. It can support and improve student academic performance, accelerate patient healing, improve quality of sleep for all ages, increase alertness and focus for shift workers, and reduce life-threatening falls in aged care.

Lighting evolves a space, it creates experiences, reveals character, activates healing, inspires connection, protects the environment, and keeps you safe. To be a lighting designer is to be a creator, an engineer, a designer, and a researcher"

Artistic Creation

As a lighting designer, one embodies the essence of an artist, sculpting ambiance, evoking emotions, and painting spaces with light to tell a visual story and enhance aesthetic experiences

Curious Research

We conduct research in lighting illumination, delving into its interplay with both the natural and built environment, aiming to enhance ambiance, functionality, and sustainability

Precise Engineering

Our sighting engineers utilise sophisticated software models to ensure alignment with Australian standards and BCA Section J, achieving optimal energy efficiency while meeting strict regulatory requirements

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Staging kingsley


Newcastle East
Crystalbrook Kingsley is culturally connected, sustainably-led, simply sophisticated and steeped in history. The first luxury hotel to grace Newcastle, Crystalbrook Kingsley sparks vibrant energy and nostalgia in one moment. Winner of the Paul Davis A...
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Staging q-building

Q Building

Newcastle - Honeysuckle
The University of Newcastle’s Q Building has been awarded a 6 Star Green Star ‘Design and As Built’ rating, making it the first building in regional NSW to be given the certification. Given the highest possible rating awarded by Green Star, the $25 mi...
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Staging gateway

The Gateway 2

Newcastle West
The Gateway development on the corner of Stewart Avenue and Parry Street. EPA were engaged as the electrical designers for the project itself and the integrated fit-out. Designed by CKDS Architecture, the site geometry relative to the corner was carefull...
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Lighting Design Simulations

Illuminate Your Vision

In the world of lighting design, precision and perspective are paramount. At EPA, we harness the unparalleled potential of AGi32 lighting design simulation software to bring your ideas to life.

Confirm Compliance with Confidence

Adherence to standards is not just a mandate; it’s a responsibility. With EPA, we ensure that every design we craft meets the exacting specifications for lighting level compliance. Dive into data-backed simulations, scrutinise every lux and lumen, and walk into your space assured that it adheres to both national and local guidelines.

Perspective That Transcends Pixels

Renderings and sketches can give a glimpse, but EPA gives a vision. Experience your space like never before, with a 3D simulation that offers both a bird’s-eye view and an immersive walkthrough. From the luminance on a desk's surface to the subtle interplay of light and shadow in a corridor, our use of AGi32 allows you to feel the ambiance before the first light fitting is even fitted.

GP-Renders greenpoint-cs

“We are well resourced and more than capable to meet your next project’s deadline. We keep an open-line to you to make sure your concept is realised.”

- Jonathan Carroll

Lighting Fact Sheets

Lighting for Healthcare

Research has shown that carefully designed lighting can not only increase mental well-being, comfort and alertness but in healthcare environments, can also lead to measurable improvements in patient recovery outcomes.

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Lighting for Neonatal Care
Lighting for Education
Lighting for Wildlife and Ecology
Obtrusive Lighting
Intelligent Lighting Control
Sustainable Rating tools
Lighting Term Cheat Sheet

Innovation in the Lighting Industry

LIGHTING Human-Centric-Lighting-660x420


05 Jun 2023
Human Responses to Light - Healthcare Edition
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12 Oct 2023
The article highlights the crucial relationship between lighting environments and the circadian clock, particularly in neonatal care units (NICUs). It discusses significant studies indicating that appropriate lighting can enhance the development of prete...
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