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Power V Energy - Time for truth telling to the Australian people.

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02 Jul 2024


Jonathan Carroll
Director, Engineering Manager

Power V Energy - Time for truth telling to the Australian people.

Intermittent renewable energy, crucial as it may be, can only be compared to distributable or base load power when renewables are coupled with storage. This makes renewable energy the cheapest **ENERGY** but the most expensive **POWER**. 

For instance, if an industrial base similar to Australia requires a network capable of supplying 20GW of power over an uninterrupted 36 hours, sustaining this capability over a 90-year operational period incurs costs of:
- Renewable and Batteries: ~$1T
- Nuclear: ~$200B

Reflecting on my time at the University of Newcastle 20 years ago, in the power systems engineering course, I recall the importance of not comparing Wind/Solar Energy to dispatchable or Base Load Energy. This critical concept should be a fundamental part of education for all high school students. Let's ensure accurate knowledge transmission for informed decision-making in the energy sector.

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